The Beach Bum Cowgirl Story

I found a way to mesh most of the things I love into a business when I started on the path to build Beach Bum Cowgirl about 10 years ago.

I grew up in a hunting and fishing family. I love fashion, bright colors,  and I love the outdoors.  My Parents and Grandparents encouraged me to draw, color and paint from the time I could hold a crayon.  I like to create, design and decorate anything and everything. I am determined to create fun and comfortable clothes for girls who love the outdoors.

Beach Bum Cowgirl is a combination of Boutique Tee Shirts and Fishing and Hanging out Shirts for women who love to fish in the saltwater, love ranching, rural America and the great outdoors.

Most of the Beach Bum Cowgirl designs will have something to do with Salt Water Fishing, Ranching, Hunting, Rodeo, Wildlife or Rural America.

There are many more options out there now than when I had this idea and started down the path that lead me to this website so I hope you will give Beach Bum Cowgirl Apparel a whorl.  Please share pictures with me when you wear Beach Bum Cowgirl on your adventures!

This is a lifestyle company so I will see you offshore,  in the rodeo pen or in Rural America.  All of these things I love are in my job description.  Thank you for checking out the Beach Bum Cowgirl Website!  I hope you have lots of fun times wearing Beach Bum Cowgirl Gear while you are doing the things you love to do outdoors!

Melony Chandler

Beach Bum Cowgirl